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There are two signing blue membership types. For tourists and providers in tourism industry.

Here is how to apply:


Blue Travellers : 

Be an active and creative traveler to create responsible marine tourism. Join

Signing Blue with:

  1. Sign up here (button/hyperlink)

  2. Collect your points, and you will get your grade starting from Plankton,


Barracuda, Whale, and eventually Shark!

  1. Spread positive vibes as Blue Traveller and take care of our nature!

After obtaining the membership, members can use the available features in the website of signing blue. The geotech feature will make it easy to find the location of tourism services, owned by the members of signing blue, to a review where reviews are given not only by the service users, but also by the service providers including hotels, travel agents, etc. We also have point rewards system, for tourists who use the service of Signing Blue. Not to mention the environmental impact calculator, and the WWF donation program, in which tourists can participate.


Blue Allies :

Inns, restaurants, travel operators, recreational boats, etc., who wants to join Signing Blue as Blue Allies and create responsible marine tourism. As a provider in the tourism industry, here is how you can join signing blue!

  1. Sign Up here (button/hyperlink) and contact Signing Blue by clicking

“Contact Us”

  1. Wait for Signing Blue team to review and confirm your application

  2. Entry Phase: application, due diligence and MOU

  3. Membership Phase: grading and planning, membership authorization

  4. Improvement Phase: business improvements based on Starfish 1-5

It is started by making a cooperation agreement. The assessment process, to ensure all requirements are in accordance with signing blue standards. with the assistance of WWF Indonesia's experts, each member has the opportunity to improve the quality of its sustainable tourism practices.

Other benefits of becoming a member of Signing Blue:


  • Not sure with how you can improve for better tourism practice?. Don't worry, our technical advisor will help you out.


  • Let the world knows you have committed for better practice in tourism and get our official announcement!.


  • Our members have premium access to the very first hand of the newest information from WWF expert.


  • WWF will assist you how we can create bigger impact by influencing others.


  • As Signing Blue member, you have contributed for nature conservation, and you can do more!

Blue Partner:

Government, corporates, brand, etc. who wants to join Signing Blue and be our partner to create responsible and sustainable marine tourism, please follow this:

  1. Sign up here (button/hyperlink) and contact Signing Blue by clicking “Contact Us”

  2. Wait for Signing Blue team to review and confirm your application

  3. Application

  4. Due Diligence

  5. MOU

  6. PKS (agreement) plan